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Rita Ora - Only Want You (Martin Jensen Remix)
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Updated 2019-08-26

Mastered Yakuza - Den Bich (Warner Music).

Mastered Aura - Sunshine (Warner Music).

Mastered Demi Lovato - Title TBA (TBA).

Mastered Stafford Brothers ft. Lexy Panterra & Lil Yachty - Live Forever (Thrive).

Mastered Monsta X - Breathe (Epic).

Mastered Hjalmer - Istedgade (Universal Music).

Mastered Rita Ora - Only Want You (Martin Jensen Remix) (Atlantic Records).

Mastering philosophy

"Less is more."

Holger Lagerfeldt with 23 x Platinum + 3 x Gold Award for Martin Jensen - Solo Dance
Updated 2019-08-30

Latest awards

[Platinum SE] Tjuvjakt - G-Unit & Canada Goose (Playground)

[Gold NO] Alexander Oscar feat. SVEA - Complicated (Sony Music)

[Gold DK] Alexander Oscar feat. SVEA - Complicated (Sony Music)

[Gold] Faustix - Thorns (Warner Music)

[2 x Platinum] Bro - Hvor Er Du Bro (Universal Music)

[Gold] Faustix - Crying In The Rain (Warner Music)

[2 x Platinum] Nik & Jay - United album (CPH/Universal)

[Gold] Rasmussen - Higher Ground (Renegade/Warner Music)

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Gear Grotto YouTube channel
Updated 2019-05-17

Newest gear

Trinnov ST2 Pro Optimizer
TDR Kotelnikov GE Compressor
Softube Weiss MM-1 Mastering Maximizer
FabFilter Pro-L 2 Limiter
UAD-2 Satellite Quad-Core

See the gallery and gear list, and watch the latest Gear Grotto videos on the studio page.

Tech tip

Logic Pro X compressor circuit types

This handy cheat sheet reveals all of the hidden parameters in Logic's compressor circuit types. More tips in the mastering FAQ.