Free Mix Check

You can get a free mix check when you order mastering

I listen to your mix and give you feedback on how to improve it before mastering


Editing and Album Sequencing

I sequence tracks and add spacing to make your album come together.

Red Book Master CD and DDP

Get your album or single on a Red Book master CD or as a downloadable DDP.

PQ Codes

ISRC, CD-Text, and UPC/EAN.

MP3 Conversion and ISRC ID3

High quality MP3 conversion with ISRC embedded in the ID3 tag.

Sound Enhancement

Free Mix Check

Get a free mix check and optimize your mix before the mastering process. Read the FAQ.

Sound Enhancement

I can correct the frequency balance across different tracks, stereo optimize, treat the dynamics, and increase the loudness of your music in a transparent and effective manner.

Audio Restoration

I provide various restoration services such as noise or hiss reduction, click removal, distortion and spectral repair.

Stem Mastering

Stems are usually not necessary - especially if you have taken advantage of the free mix check. If you prefer stems it is possible, usually at no extra cost.